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The Forward March of Digital Halted: or only checked?

The failure of the Rechtwijzer, the symbol of what was to be the brave new world of mass digital legal services aimed at those on low incomes, raises a question about the future. Were the digital  naysayers right? A recent post from veteran commentator and tireless compiler Delia Venables in her Internet Newsletter for Lawyers widens … Continue reading The Forward March of Digital Halted: or only checked?

Goodbye, Rechtwijzer: hello, Justice42

The Dutch Rechtwijzer, the poster child of the internet revolution in legal advice and online dispute resolution, has proved financially unsustainable. The three-year collaboration between the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HIIL), the Dutch Legal Aid Board and the US firm Modria will be dissolved by July. From the ashes will arise Justice42 … Continue reading Goodbye, Rechtwijzer: hello, Justice42