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Looking to the World

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL – best known for its early pioneering but ill-fated rechtwijzer) – continues in its role as technological development organisation. Its traditional jamboree in the Hague’s Palace of Justice moved online last week for ‘a demo day’ of their justice accelerator project. This showcased 18 startups from seven … Continue reading Looking to the World

Passports, Barriers and Bridges

Last night, the team behind the Maryland Justice Passport covered in the previous post put up with some significant network connection difficulties and gave up an hour to discuss their project. The issues were the potential and the possible replicability of their project. Specifically, should we over here start demanding that courts in the UK … Continue reading Passports, Barriers and Bridges

Bridging the Gap: A2J Tech and the US – #LSCITC Part 3

Coverage of two projects complete this series of articles on the Legal Services Corporation’s recent technology conference. They both focus on assistance for people with legal problems but without legal representation. One relates to the provision of dedicated advice and assistance terminals, ‘legal kiosks’, and the other on helping the unrepresented through the process of … Continue reading Bridging the Gap: A2J Tech and the US – #LSCITC Part 3

A2J Tech and the US: Part 2

The roundup of latest US developments in A2J tech continues this week with the second half of the Legal Services Corporation ITC conference. This is my selection of take aways from yesterday. These are to be added to last week’s and the sessions later today (to be written up next week). They are presented as … Continue reading A2J Tech and the US: Part 2

A2J Tech in the US: #LSCITC Part I

Get to my age and you develop a pretty high intolerance level for conferences – online or off. You get more intolerant; more arrogant about what you think you know already; more easily bored; more demanding of content, presentation and presenters. But I  am a longtime fan of the Legal Services Corporation’s annual technology conference … Continue reading A2J Tech in the US: #LSCITC Part I