Publications: Digitalising Courts and Tribunals

Recent publications which you might find helpful

Oct 2016 Review of Civil and Family Justice; the Review Group’s Draft Response on Civil Justice Report Review Group under Lord Justice Gillen
The Northern Ireland equivalent of the Briggs report into courts in England and Wales. Notably more cautious on creating an online court. Chapter 4 contains a good summary of the latest experience with ODR around the world. The draft report calls for

A pilot scheme of voluntary ODR to be set up throughout Northern Ireland for money damages cases of under £5,000, excluding personal injuries over the value of £1,000. Legislation will be required to introduce such a step.

Oct 2016 Transforming our Justice System Report Ministry of Justice
The report from the Ministry of Justice of England and Wales which announced the taking forward of Lord Justice Briggs' recommendations in his interim and final reports. It is 'a vision statement' that commits the government to a major programme, costing just under £1bn in total, of technological reform in the courts, including an online small claims court.  It asserts, complacently but without reference, that our courts are 'the envy of the world'. This might be true of our judiciary but - post recent cuts in legal aid and hikes in court and tribunal fees - seems unlikely as a general statement.  The report gives no indication that the introduction of a small claims court will be piloted and no detail on what assistance will be provided for those who will struggle with online procedures.
Jul 2016 Civil Courts Structure Review: Final Report Report Lord Justice Briggs
The final report of Lord Justice Briggs on the civil courts of England and Wales, recommending an online small claims court. This contains the work on international comparisons that the author undertook after publication of his interim report.
Dec 2015 Civil Courts structure review: Interim Report Report Briggs LJ
Recommends creation of online small claims court for England and Wales