Publications: General and Other

Recent publications which you might find helpful

Dec 2016 ABA TechReport 2016 Report American Bar Association
The ABA's annual review of technology trends broken down into 10 topics.
Aug 2016 Access to Justice Review Report Department of Justice, Victoria, Australia
An overall review of access to justice which includes consideration of small claims in Victoria. It recommends an online pilot in Chapter 5. Explicitly recognises that some people will be unable to use online and, in the words of its official summary, 'a range of strategies must accompany the introduction of online dispute resolution to ensure access to justice for people who experience particular disadvantage or require extra support'.
Aug 2016 Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States Report Commission on the Future of Legal Services in the United States
A thoughtful analysis of future trends.
May 2016 Case Study of the Below the Belt Phone App Report Victoria Legal Aid
A brilliantly candid evaluation of a dud app which is a model of transparency.
Apr 2016 Digital Delivery of Legal Services to People on Low Incomes Report Roger Smith
Report on developments in 2015: analysis of trends for 2016