Five top news stories in August

  1. The American Bar Association Commission on the Future of Legal Services published its report and announced implementation of the recommendation to set up a Center for Innovation.
  2. The Canadian Bar Association began its annual conference with The Pitch, a competition between technology start ups.
  3. Shelter Scotland, the homeless campaigning organisation, announces an app to refer homeless people to most suitable agency.
  4. London-born 19 year old Stanford student Joshua Browder who designed DoNotPay to help users contest parking tickets announces a UK chatbot to help with homelessness referrals.
  5. Two Leeds academics, Sundeep Aulakh and Ian Kirkpatrick, publish study of changing legal profession in England and Wales. They conclude ‘While in future partnerships might continue to dominate in “areas of service that require less information technology and greater personal skill”, ABS [alternative business structures] represented “for the first time a radical alternative way of doing business [that] has been tried and tested in legal services and may eventually come to dominate in high-volume, commoditised areas”.

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