Titans of access to justice and technology: interviews you might have missed

So, to give you some approachable but rewarding reading over the summer (for us in the Northern Hemisphere at least), here are links to interviews published over the last two years. You might have missed some of these. They  deal with issues but will also hopefully give a flavour of some of the remarkable people involved in advancing access to justice through the use of technology around the world.

Alteneder, Katherine, Self-Represented Litigants Network, US, July 2020

Bishop, Julie, Law Centres Network, UK, October 2018

Coppinger, Eddie, Legal Advice Centre – University House, UK, September 2018

Denvir Catrina, Monash University, Australia, November 2018

Fazio, Kate, JusticeConnect, Australia, September 2018

Hynes, Steve, formerly Legal Action Group, UK, September 2018

Kistemaker, Laura, Justice42, The Netherlands, February 2020

Larkin, Alan, Family Law Partners, UK, October 2018

Matt, Tia, Exeter University Community Law Clinic, UK, July 2020

MacLennan, Sherry, Legal Services Society, BC Canada, July 2019

Roche, Martha de la, Litigants in Person Network, UK, July 2020 

Sandman, Jim, Legal Services Corporation, US, January 2020

Stokes, Terry, rights net, UK, September 2018

Susskind, Richard, Strathclyde University, UK, July 2020

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