Top three news items in September


  1. American Bar Association announces membership for its new Centre for Innovation which will ‘advance the ABA’s position as the lead architect of the legal profession’s efforts to increase access to justice and improve the delivery of legal services through innovative programs and initiatives. It will serve as a resource for ABA members and operate a program of fellowships to work with other professionals, such as technologists, entrepreneurs and design professionals.  The Center also will maintain an inventory of the ABA’s innovation efforts as well as the efforts of the domestic and international legal services community.’ Chair will be Andrew Perlman, Dean of Suffolk University Law School and managing director Janet Jackson, formerly director of the ABA Office of the President.
  2. Ministry of Justice for England and Wales announces plans for a decisive move to online dispute resolution and launches consultation. Return date 27 October 2016.
  3. Legal Aid Ontario, Osgoode Hall Law School and the Legal Services Society of BC collaborate on conference on emerging technologies for transforming access to justice and expanding legal aid.

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