Solution explorer: how a guided pathway works

The BC Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) has produced an attractive cartoon to demonstrate how its ‘Solution Explorer’ will work. Its specific context relates to the ‘strata disputes'(disagreements over the common parts of a shared block of apartment) that the CRT will begin to resolve before moving onto small claims. But, ignore the specifics and the CRT has given us an accessible presentation of how the next generation of legal assistance could be provided through the web. This is the sort of approach that was first pioneered by the Dutch Rechtwijzer programme. Out will go the static ‘wallpaper’, book-influenced information that is characteristic of almost all existing provision. Users can now be guided through pathways that are individualised for them and for their problem. Information can be specifically tailored for each user by the programme itself. This will allow users either to handle their own cases or to make better use of the restricted resources of hard pressed advice agencies.

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