Ten questions and answers about corporate logos for non designers

This purpose of this post is to encourage you to consult another. It is written at the suggestion of a reader who has been following up an interest in legal design. She liked an earlier post on general principles. Writing coach Andrea Schlottman reported for a website developer on current logo trends among Fortune 500 companies. You might not be involved in the business of reworking your organisation’s logo but her report might help you see your website with more of a designer’s eye and pick up some interesting trivia.

  1. What is the most popular colour?

Blue – used by two fifths of the companies surveyed.

  1. Which two colours are most used together?

Black and Red.

  1. Sans serif?

You bet. More authorative.

  1. Capitals, lower case or a combination?

All capitals accounted for 47 per cent. Trendy lower case only titles amounted to only 7 per cent.

  1. Which company has the oldest logo still in use.

Stella Artois (1366)

  1. What should you avoid?

Stock photos because anyone could use them.

  1. How long does a Google study say that visitors need to form an opinion about a website?

50 milliseconds

  1. Do colours signify personality?


  1. How would you convey competence?

Blue or black.

  1. Who paid the most for a rebranding package?

Symantec ($1.28bn).

Picture from Pixabay.com

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