Justice Connect and PILnet: a note

Kate Fazio

JusticeConnect and PILnet are partnering, as Mary Ho has reported, to support the global pro bono ecosystem. Our global pro bono project aims to leverage PILnet’s extensive network and Justice Connect’s award-winning Australian pro bono platform to extend the benefits of the Australian project around the world. The project will deliver efficiency gains for clearinghouses, NGOs and pro bono teams, and lead to more people receiving legal assistance. 

In addition to delivering a platform that supports pro bono ecosystems, the collaboration aims to generate and share system-level insights into unmet need and pro bono capacity within and across jurisdictions. These insights will support the strategic application of pro bono effort to areas of highest need and potential impact.

We are committed to making a product which is as easy as possible for all parties to use. Justice Connect’s Australian project has won two design awards this year recognising the meticulous human-centred design approach taken to date – a Gold Good Design Award in Social Impact, and the Victorian Premier’s Design Award in Service Design. Justice Connect and PILnet are applying a rigorous, human-centred design approach to the global project, and have already run workshops with clearinghouses from around the world to understand needs.

Justice Connect’s Australian platform was funded through significant philanthropic contributions (including seed funding through Google.org) recognising the potential of the system to increase the efficiency and impact of the Australian pro bono ecosystem. The same approach is being taken in Justice Connect and PILnet’s global project to ensure that the platform can be delivered sustainably at no or low cost to all platform users from NGOs and clearinghouses to firms. 

Both Justice Connect and PILnet are committed to this exciting project and we have ambitions to deliver a product which could be widely used in a range of different jurisdictions which share the same issue of efficiently connecting those seeking and providing pro bono legal services.

Kate Fazio is Head of Innovation and Engagement at JusticeConnect.

Justice Connect is an Australian charity that runs a range of legal services and operates a clearinghouse. PILnet is an international public interest law organisation that operates its own clearinghouses and supports clearinghouses globally. PILnet has offices in Europe, Asia and the USA. Between the two organisations, they work with over 10,000 lawyers, 50 clearinghouses and hundreds of firms, across 60 countries.

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